Our Team

Zaheer Ahmed – Website Founder, Author

A postgraduate in business administration and author of several articles, and web sites; Zaheer Ahmed’s first published literary accomplishment was, ‘Dr. Zakir Hussain’, a biography of one of the intellectuals, and loved Presidents of India in 1969 while he was just a student. The author’s other books include, ‘One Religion’, One Religion 101′, ‘One Solution’, and
‘The Ten Commandments-A Comparative Study’.
Zaheer Ahmed is the founder of Artificial Intelligence Association, an organization to encourage the learning of
computer technology. He is also the founder of NetNavigate Systems.
While still young, he was fascinated by the various technological advancements in the world. His prime interest was to research the different technological developments and to compile a comprehensive network and Internet manuals.
The present project, Aziz Bagh-The Heritage of Culture’ is a unique venture that reveals a spectacular architecture constructed in 1899.
As a consultant, Hardware & Software Engineer, he specializes in the design, management, and implementation of local area, as well as wide area networking.
Several new technologies were deployed by him in Australia, Brazil, China, Italy, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Switzerland, and Venezuela.

Hefsa Anwar – Web Designer/Content Creator

Growing up, Hefsa was always curious about her family’s history and the complex relationships within. At the age of 12, she stumbled over Zaheer Ahmed’s Aziz Bagh book on her grandfather’s bookshelf. Instantly captivated, she read it multiple times cover to cover and thus her questions were answered. Inspired by Zaheer Ahmed’s book, Hefsa designed a family tree in diagram form providing a visual representation of the family’s lineage. Hefsa completed her bachelors in Digital Media and Creative Writing. She resides in Michigan with her family.

Jawad Anwar – Administrator